How To Program Uniden BCD-396T Andrews County

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Apr 18, 2012
Ok folks. I am an engineer, but programming this scanner appears to be daunting. I want to program it for Andrews County, Texas. I know that Andrews is digital now, I assume P-25. Any tips on getting started would be great.


Jan 6, 2006
Temple, TX
Wow, that's a big question!
Got a PC? Go to the RR database at
Andrews County, Texas (TX) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference
to see what you want to listen to.
You could try to manually program it, or get a free program to do it in on your PC, like BCD396T_UASD.
Then do a LOT of reading on the RR site to figure it all out, or if you are a paid-member here, I think you can download the data from that database and put it directly into your 396T.
Have fun.


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Jul 22, 2002
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The UASD is WAY out of date, and doesn't have any capability to download data from here. However we're getting ahead of ourselves...

Almost everything I'm about to mention is available from a link found here - and note that all links are always blue...

Programming Your Uniden Scanner - The RadioReference Wiki

a. Your first task is to discard the Uniden manual and download the Easier to Read manual from the site on that page;

b. We also have a DMA FAQ which will answer many of the questions that the Easier to Read manual doesn't. It also talks about the relationship between systems and groups, and a bit about how quick keys work. Understanding these concepts is key to understanding how to program your scanner

c. Next is getting a USB-serial converter and installing it on your PC. The Connecting scanners via USB article tells you a great deal about some COTS USB converters besides the USB-1 that are known to work, as well as how to use Windoze Device Manager to diagnose connection issues

d. There are many good programs - some free- that will help you with programming that scanner. FreeScan is quite popular and a good place to start, as well as being free. It's User Guide is also linked here at the bottom. The link for FreeScan can be found in the DMA Software Support article.

e. To download data from the database you need a premium subscription (cheap). Or ask for a file for your area. If you use FreeScan, you should know that it can import BuTel ARC and UASD files as a source.

f. Finally you should know that there is much newer firmware available for this scanner. It's probably not critical as you are starting off, but you should know it's there. The link for it can be found in the DMA FAQ under this link...

Updating the Firmware in Uniden DMA Scanners - The RadioReference Wiki

That should be more than enough for now...HTH...Mike
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