How to Program Whistler WS1040 and WS1065


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Whistler Representative
May 7, 2020
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Please read the Quick Start Guide for setting up the scanner.
(The Quick Start guide is packaged with the Users Manual)

Programming Scanner using 3rd Party PC Programming Software with PC/IF cable:
Our Quick Start Guide provides website references to 3rd party PC programming software (both offer a free 30-day trial)

For PSREdit500 users, a step-by-step programming example can be found at the following URL - Scanner User Guides
(Note: Scroll to the bottom and select "Using PSREdit500")

For ARC500 users, a user guide for this 3rd party program can be found at the following URL - ARC500 User Guide - The RadioReference Wiki

A Premium Subscription to RadioReference will allow the 3rd party PC programming software direct access to the RadioReference frequency database.

You can manually enter each system one-by-one using the 3rd party PC Programming Software without a RadioReference Subscription.

Programming Scanner Manually without a PC (keypad):
We have created 2 easy Step-by-Step guides;

Conventional Frequencies
Note: There is a link to a video you can watch in the above Conventional Step-by-Step guide

Digital Trunking Systems
Note: There is a link to a video you can watch in the above Digital Trunking Step-by-Step guide

To find Frequencies:
1) Go to and click on the DATABASE button.
2) Click on the "Browse" button.
3) Select your State.
4) Under the "Browse by County" section, select your county from the pull-down list and click on the Browse button.

Digital System Frequencies
If there are Digital or Digital trunking systems, this will be noted right below the County or City name.
A list of Trunked Systems for the County can be found by selecting the "Trunked" Entity Type in the Entity list provided to the right of the pictured State.
(Note: P25 Phase II systems require a P25 Phase II capable scanner)
(Note: DMR systems require a DMR capable scanner)
(Note: NXDN systems require an NXDN capable scanner)

Analog System Frequencies
Cities, Towns, Businesses, Municipalities, etc...etc... without a digital system type shown below the City, Town, Business, Municipality, etc...etc... and displaying a Mode of AM, FM, or FMN.
(Note: Mode P25, DMR, or NXDN require a Digital Scanner)

For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our radio scanner helpcenter at Help Center & FAQs


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Dec 5, 2015
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how about a working website link to the usb port device driver? The one in the booklet manual doesn't work.