How to Recover Photos from Mobile Phone Memory Card?

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Mar 31, 2012
Generally, these mobile phones support saving pictures they took with two ways – by external phone memory (memory card) and by internal phone memory.

Recover photos from external phone memory (memory card)
If you have saved the photos on external phone memory, the chance to get back the lost images is greater. You have two choices:

1. Take out of the memory card and insert it to a card reader. Then connect the card reader to PC. Once the card reader is detected by the PC and appears as a drive letter in “My Computer”, you can use Memory Card Recovery software to scan the drive letter and recover deleted photos.

2. Connect the mobile phone to your computer’s USB port directly, If it was detected, selected memory card drive and use memory card data recovery program to scan the card and rescue lost image

Recover Photos from internal phone memory
There are still some mobile phones in the market do not support external phone memory, or you have saved photos on internal phone memory, in these cases, you have to connect your phone to computer’s USB port. If it can be detected and appears as a drive letter in “My Computer”, you can use Memory Card Recovery program to get back lost pictures. If not, there is no way to recover lost photos with software tools.

Memory Card Recovery supported almost all mobile phone operation system including Symbian, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Palm and BlackBerry. Popular mobile phones supported by it including Samsung, HTC, Motorola,LG, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson, Nokia,etc.
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