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Just another radio geek.
Feb 14, 2002
Gresham, OR
Howdy, All.

Just checking in to say I hope to be a little more active here in the near future. Work and life have had me running ragged for a variety of reasons, some of them good, most of them not so much.

I've been away from the scanning world for a while getting ready for changes to the radio systems at work and dealing with some homeownership stuff... who knew that owning a house was so expensive both in time and money? :)

I haven't checked into my admin queue yet, but I hope that some of the good info that's been posted here in the last couple of weeks has made it into the database. If it hasn't I'll get to it (in time).

I am in the process of renewing my domain name, and plan to have something online there in a few more weeks, but learning new software takes time and I still have to make sure I like the direction the new site is going, as well as work out what I'm going to do about populating data to eliminate maintaining two different databases (here on and local for

Take care all, and see you on the radio soon.
Not open for further replies.