HP1 BUG REPORT: "Make Permanent" avoids

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Silent Key (April 15th, 2023)
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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
I thought I was going crazy, but it turns out not to be the case. (Well, that may be up for debate, but I have been able to duplicate the issue I'm going to talk about.)

I have several favorites lists in my HP1 (extreme) including one with various common freqs like Marine, CB/FRS/GMRS, etc. My province is landlocked, so Marine does me little to no use here, so I usually leave it permanently locked out, unless I head somewhere where it is actually in use. In fact, most of the marine frequencies are used by other services in my area.

Lately whenever I've been powering up my scanner, Marine frequency "18A Commercial" (156.9) comes up with a local POCSAG pager system which is on that frequency and constantly broadcasting. I have it locked out, and I have been hitting "Avoid" and then "Make Permanent" every time it comes up, thinking I've somehow un-avoided it by accident. But every time I power the scanner up, it's open again.

The scanner is being powered off properly, so it's not like it's not saving the avoid state.

The only thing I've changed lately is that in addition to monitoring my favorites lists, I also monitor the full DB now. Previously, I didn't, and just relied on my favorites lists. I tried it a couple of times with and without full DB included, and when full DB is on, permanent avoids are not being saved across powercycling states.

UPMan: Please have this checked prior to the release of the next firmware update :)
Not open for further replies.