HP-1: HP1 Extreme

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Feb 24, 2001
Here is my issue.. In discovery conventional mode CTCSS/DCS/NAC does not decode... On vhf p25 channels in discovery mode I hear the digital buzz but no decode... If I turn off the hp1e and then back on a few times it will start decoding the digital buzz channels with a pl of CTCSS 67...
and analog will start decoding CTCSS and DCS tones but then it stops...
Also when in Listen mode holding on the same channel 156.21 MHz pl 114.8 for example will not pick up.
However the bct15x with same pl on same channel never misses a beat...
both have a RH77CA diamond antenna on them with same 90 degree bnc adapter plus the hp1e has a bcd396xt sma to bnc adapter...
Is this an issue anyone else seems to have?
even holding on any frequency with the correct verified pl programmed it does not receive it unless I power cycle the scanner 3 to 4 times then it receives again...
Also on some channels in the HP1E when I program a subtone and go back to check on it later by going to menu>advanced menu> advanced options>edit favorites list> select favorites list> select system> edit department> select department> edit channel> select channel> set audio type> analog> ctcss> no tones are listed at all...

Power down scanner and turn it on and off 3 or 4 times then the CTCSS/DCS tones appear...

anyone else verify this on their hp1e if it goes quiet and stops receiving?
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