Hurricane frequencies - a tad late


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Jul 22, 2002
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This got stuck somehow in the buffer, and just came thru via Scan-DC and Larry Van Horn. Keep in mind that we have another month or so of Hurricane season. It basically says what I had in the past, and adds some more...
After Hurricane Andrew blew down all the HF antennas at the NHC in Miami they weren't reintsalled so the old HF freqs listed below are long gone.
All the wx obs data goes via satellite. Occasional comms are heard on the BAT/CAR (I'm sure he means NAT...mja) MWARA freqs they are flying in for ATC control. Once in a while you will catch one of the AFRES WC-130Js on DoD HFGCS discrete freqs running phone patch traffic to usually local news media in areas that are forecasted to feel the storm effects.

Best bet these days is the MWARA if you just want to say you heard a hurricane hunter a/c. Otherwise there are various websites that in near real time carry their wx obs.

You can get those MWARA freqs and more on our Teak Publishing blog ? The Btown Monitoring Post at
Civilian Aero/Military HF Frequency List - Update 18 Aug 2019

(and we have them in our wiki...mja).

Keesler AFB does have two HF assignment on 4860 6751 and 13242 kHz that has reportedly been used in the past for brief a/c comms. Probably a
maintenance status reporting freq. In fact, 6751 is sort of a neat freq to monitor from time to time as there are others who use it. There is suppose
to be a Keesler CP freq on 7812 kH but that one has eluded me.

Another set of interesting freqs to watch for HH activity are on 11440, 18027 23215 23271 kHz USB. These are Air Rescue Recovery Service (ARRS)
Air-to-Ground worldwide freqs.
And for the digital folks, don't forget the NAVTEX (for as long as we might still have them) and FAX broadcasts.