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Oct 1, 2020
finally got a nice digital Whistler 1040 after l run an analog RSPro 94 for the last 4 years. I turned the pro 94 on one day there was nothing there got to check in everybody went digital both counties Sarasota n manatee. FL....Been reading every thing on the 1040 for a couple weeks. Anyway l checked my cable and my laptop, they paired up ok..l am a member to radio reference and downloaded in my laptop win500. That turned out ok . Maybe l uploaded the talk groups before frequencies...l don't know but now my ws 1040 s screen has ...up Boot ver:F1...up app ver:NONE...CPU SW UPGRADE....
Wait for pc/IF......l tied pushing all the back to Default button combinations. No luck. I wish l had a clue to get this thing fixed so I can start enjoying it. I hate to send it back to the factory


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Feb 10, 2019
Baltimore County, MD
You need to upgrade the firmware, since it's looks like it is waiting for Software upgrade.
Where it says ver:NONE on the display indicates that you have no CPU firmware. Once you run the updater, I am almost certain that your scanner will be working again. If not, it will only need to be programmed. You do not need to put the scanner into CPU update mode to program it.