I-70 @ Manila Rd: CDOT Driver Seriously Hurt

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Oct 19, 2006
NOT in Alaska, damnit!
From CSP On-scene

CDOT Plow carrying mag chloride tank was rear ended by a semi as it was clearing snow off of I-70 EB @ MM 301.

The driver and passenger of the semi were not hurt and the driver was cited on-scene for careless driving resulting in serious injury. Troopers on-scene state the semi was doing between 60 and 65 mph, was fully loaded at 80,000 lbs, and hit the rear of the plow as it was traveling around 35 mph.

The driver admitted that he was simply not paying attention. His truck was badged with a company out of Alabama.

The CDOT truck overturned in the median of the highway with major intrusion into the driver's-side cab of the truck. The driver is said to have suffered serious injuries.

A pic from the scene below. Video to follow.

CDOT Plow Driver Injured In Rollover Crash On I-70 - cbs4denver.com
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