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Feb 2, 2006
Ok, not quite streaming, but I am broadcasting.

My wife was talking to me last night and says "Would have been cool if I could have seen what was going when that guy was chasing you and almost ramming you last night". I am sure someone on here heard the call.

I was going south on Penn from Memorial when a white suburban got in behind me. He would speed up then slam on his brakes. Cross over the lines, hit the curbs, you name it. I wasn't all that worried until I went west on 122nd. He turned in behind me and then proceeded to keep changing lanes when I did. I was getting a bit worried so I called it in. The dispatched tells me to keep going west and turn into the Hefner briefing station. So I did. So did he.He parks right next to me in the parking lot. \

The word Irony comes to mind here. Most people think, pull into a police station and you can find some police officers. Not always true. Not true in this case. So I wait...and wait. About 8 minutes pass by with me getting a little bit nervous. Ok, quite a bit actually. I pulled my Glock out and rested it on my lap. I hang up with dispatch and the subject leaves the parking lot and goes west.

I just know this guy is wasted. I watched him clip the state tree of Oklahoma (orange construction barrel) and keep going. So I follow, roughly a quarter of a mile behind him. At MacArthur, we go north. At 150th, we go east. I hear the LT pick up at 122nd and MacArthur, then see his lights approaching in my rear view at what could only be a speed just short of travelling light as I get to the stop sign at 150th. I pull over and he rips through with just the slightest bit of wheel squeal while completing his turn. In accordance with the instructions from dispatch, I continue on at a safe distance behind.

At Remington Way and 150th, the subject slides into the ditch, over corrects and crosses the center line. At this point, I am sure he is wondering which crazy neighborhood could he possibly be driving through that celebrates Christmas all year round. So, maybe those are'nt Christmas lights, but they sure are pretty. I think I will pull over and check them out.

The LT talks to the guy while they wait for an ASAP officer to get up there. He actually calls for the case number and wrecker while he is still on the parkway. Done deal. Since the LT had pc to pull the guy over because of his driving abilities, no need for my info on the report. After all of this, the subject could not come up with an answer as to why he was following me all over the place.

So anyways, the point of this story is that I started broadcasting last night while driving use my camera I have mounted in the Expedition. So now she can watch me while I work...for hte most part. If anyone else wants to watch, my yahoo messenger ID is okccsi@sbcgloabl.net.

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