I just bought a new police scanner

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Jun 27, 2008
Southern California
I don't know how to do that QuicKeys I watched a video but I didn't know how to do
with the BCD436HP vs the older scanners that i have (BCD396XT and the BC346XT) its very confusing this is how i did it,

you have two sets of quick keys, one set is the favorite list quick key (the set that is first on the scanner, named as F0) second set is the system quick keys with is named as S0.
how i use it as favorit list 1 is san bernardino county and then i have the system quick key as the systems within that favorite list.

for example favorit list quick key 1 is san bern cnty, system 1 (tower 1) quick key is 1

sorry if its very confusing, i am still trying to learn how to program my scanner, i am still a little confused my self. I currently don't have it due to one set of the pixels went out on the second day i had it or i would try to go step by step with you, once i get it and you still need help i will PM you if you would like, sorry again if its confusing. :/
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