I just got a trunk tracker HELP PLEASE

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Silent Key
Jul 25, 2005
Kearns, Utah
Unit came with very little dirrections!!! trying to upload my local area?? anyone??
Welcome to RR.com, sickelfab! You are going to find that the people on this Web site are ready, willing, and extremely capable of answering all of your questions, but they need your help. You did not tell us what kind of scanner, which system, nor where you are both geographically and in programming your scanner. To answer your question(s) we need to know these things, at the bare minimum, to help you.

Speaking of your location, you need to return to your User CP (the left side of the second blue bar from the top of any page if you are logged in) and edit your profile to include your location (city and state) as you were requested to do in the material e-mailed to you when you registered. Once you fill in your location it will automatically show in each of your posts. Many of the questions you will have, and their answers, are going to be location specific and without having your location showing you will be asked over and over again what it is. So fill it in now and be done with it.

Again, welcome to RR.com.
Not open for further replies.