I just noticed or I must be late

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Jan 10, 2009
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Im not aware but for the status I have checked on the NC Viper system that alamance county is 100% complete but none of the other departments besides burlington & elon which whom are on the guilford public safety system, graham, mebane, haw river and the acso and ems has not moved into the viper system yet until maybe mid october which as the planned date as i asked the EOC Manager.

Now to to the point, lately i have been listening to the alamance county fire alot and i noticed their fire tones are more light then deep, ok let me rephrase that into an understanding sentence if i have to.

Before today and ill take it back to last year, most of the tones will get deep then light but it looks like Alamance County Fire is using a different toning system? im not sure since i dont have many connections in alamance county fire.

If anyone listens to Orange EMS, I was assuming thats what ACFD was using since i cant describe it or find that website i was looking at that gave me the QCII tables with the names and all... eh sucks for me i cant even remember nor bookedmarked it so i can reference it.

So if its just me, i must be hearing something different as i have both my radio on and Teamspeak at the same time listening to alamance.

Just curious as i thought ACFD just activated a new system for their paging system though to add thats alot of fire departments to bring in their pagers for an update if that was needed.

Im just going to listen to the fire channel to see if i was right or wrong but i know i heard the tones were different from what iv heard for 3 years and I know I have the correct frequencies in with the correct PL codes.
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