IC-R7000 CI-V questions

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Feb 20, 2006
Western NY
I have been using a program called "Radiomax" using a modified CT-17 to provide a contact closure upon a
squelch signal for the last 15 + years for logging audio using 95, 98, then XP systems. It has worked flawlessly. However, recently my XP computer with serial port quit. I have been trying to replace it but WIN 7 seems to be the only offering and the the computers have no serial ports.
I purchased a WIN 7 bare bones system and a pci serial card from the internet. The board says its 7
compliant. But I cannot load the drivers and on the web site it says for Vista servers.

My first question is I see USB to CI-V cables on e-bay do these provide the squelch closure signal and what programs does it work with to provide audio logging?

The next question I have is about setting up the audio. I have had problems trying to record audio from the
receiver in a continious mode (non scanning). I get input audio sometimes then when I back out of the tabs
it dissapears. I have not been able to get any input audio to play through the speakers. I can play CD's, I get the win beeps etc.

A friend of mine told me it maybe WIN 7 needs authentication to play the audio. My response was what if its my generated content?

Anyone have any ideas I would appreciate a response. Tnx.
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