Icom IC-718

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Aug 26, 2006
Norman, OK
Ok, so for Christmas I got an IC-718 and I have some questions on antenna set up and the like. As of now I cannot transmit as I still haven't upgraded my licence to general class, however I should here in a couple months (In air force tech school at the moment, have some down time in the evenings to study). Anyway, I wasn't sure what kind of antenna to start with because I am somewhat new to HF and for the time being I'm only really interested in recieving/monitoring, so I bought this "CondoBuster" antenna on ebay. Essentially its just a big piece of coax with three plastic pieces(one in the middle and two on either ends). I was wondering about the set up of this: First, the instructions said it would work alright in an attic, so would positioning it to kind of a /\ shape work with the angle of the roof? Second, how do I connect it to the coax going to the radio? It says in the instructions solder the center conductor to the short end and the outer conductor to the long end or something along those lines, so could I just run the coax to the center of the /\ and solder it to either end from there? Would just soldering a smaller piece of wire with a connector be better for easier disassembly? Still learning this stuff, sorry for sounding inexperienced. Thanks for any help.
Not open for further replies.