Icom R2500 - Overseas Purchase Questions

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Oct 27, 2002
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Has anyone in the US purchased an Icom IC-R2500 or IC-PCR2500 receiver from Japan? I have never made a radio purchase from overseas, but was looking at some pretty good pricing options from a Japanese source on eBay.

eBay Link

I've been in contact with the seller and am confident that the transaction itself would be fine, but does anyone have an idea or approximation of what I might pay for duty on such an item? Are there any other concerns I should be aware of? The R2500 I'd be purchasing is an unblocked model. I have no interest in monitoring "that band" as there's nothing there to listen to anyway, but I am curious as to potential issues in that regard. He indicates that he marks it as "used" and that there likely would not be duty charges as a result.

Again, pardon my ignorance in this regard; I've just never dealt with it before. This is a good chunk of change to put down, but there is a pretty decent cost savings from the prices I'm seeing listed in the US for whenever it gets here. Before I plunk it down I want to be sure I'm not in for something silly.

I know there are a few people out there with the 2500 in their hands already. Any input would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.
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