Identifying Cambria County Police Cars

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Feb 28, 2007
When I see a Cambria County Sheriff car in the Johnstown area, they always seem to be white, yet when I see them in the Cambria Twp/Ebensburg area they tend to be black. Any real difference between these cars?

Also, I see a blue police car in East Conemaugh, it had a big circle logo, with police written fairly large right in the middle of that circle. The logo reminds you somewhat of what Johnstown's Public Works have, but the circle was way bigger and like I said has POLICE written right in the middle of the circle. I went past it really quickly so I couldn't tell who it was, but it looked like it said Cambria County something and I thought I seen coroner.

Also, I always thought police cars normally had to be marked, well I mean usually if it's a patrol car it is, not talking about undercover officers. In Nanty Glo, I seen a patrol car chasing down speeders and had the light bar on top and was black and white, but had no markings at all, as to even what police department it was.
Not open for further replies.