IF Exchange List and Programming

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Jul 24, 2006
Bay Shore Long Island NY
I am visiting an old subject which is a sore point with the guys over at Butel who made ARC XT Pro. Their software bandscope is not running the bandscope function inside the BCD996XT. The software banscope does not allow me to move the marker over a hit and open the squelch to listen to what is there while the BCD996XT BandScope mode does this and much more but is poorly documented. Otherwise I find ARC XT Pro nice to use.
The core point of this post is not this issue. Again I think because of poor documentation , neither FREESCAN or ARC XT address the issue of IF Exchange function. Did I miss something in the software?
I did not see either of these software packages keeping tabs on the IF Exchange List inside the radios memory. Because of Birdies and If Images all scanners have frequencies rendered useless. So Uniden gave us a great feature that allows you to shift the IF on a particular frequency with that problem so it becomes useable. A list of the frequencies are with IF shift is stored in memory.
To access this feature. You must be in hold mode on the frequency in question then press function and Keypad 4. This will shift the If for this frequency. This feature is in the online documentation for the radio. You can also do this in virtual mode in both software packages.
I had to use my software to create the code to generate a frequency list of all the frequencies in the radio’s database. Uniden’s Protocols documentation provides a nice set of commands to handle Intermediate Frequency shift Function in Program mode via RS232. The GIE command returns a list of frequencies the IF shift was performed on. The CIE command allows you to delete a frequency from that list. An RIE command allows you to turn on the IF shift for a particular frequency.
I suggest the software guys might consider putting this capability into their software in therir next revision.
Allowing us to see a list of fequencies IF exchange function was performed on. Deleting them or entering them via software control.
After much experimentation I found a way to use Bandscope and documented it here. I have incorporated it in my software which I am not distributing. Here is a detailed explanation. It probably should be edited and put in Wiki. Be my Guest
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