If You Listen To Marshall County...

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Oct 26, 2004
Wheeling, WV
You had better get yourself a digital scanner because it looks as though Marshall County Sheriff Office is mitigating to the crappy Ohio County system....... Each day I hear more and more traffic on the digital radios rather than their "VHF powerhouse" at 159.3075

I have no idea if this is going to be a complete switch to 400 digital or if Staleys will convince the county commission to unnecessarily waste money to digitize the Fire and EMS side as well ( but I'm sure they will probably pull the wool over their eyes like they did Ohio County....

so much for statewide interoperability..... you don't see a smart state like ohio falling for that " set up a new radio system for just one or two counties" tactic....... Here in Ohio County we were told that the money was going to be used to update the county's public safety radios so that they would be able to communicate directly with charleston and other parts of the state by radio through a network of tower sites... ha ha NOT
Not open for further replies.