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.....please either turn on PM notification or if you aren't going to monitor PMs, turn them off. You have the option to turn them off or keep them on with notification options such as email or a pop-up box when logging on to the forums.

If I have a question about something you submitted I'll send you a PM, and if I don't get a reply I'm going to wait until it gets resolved before it goes into the database. If you don't allow PMs then please provide some form of return communication.

Thanks people! And if you submit data and do not see it within a few days please contact us. Sometimes things can 'fall off the screen' (yet are still there just it takes time to go through every county & agency to find it).

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Submit Data Here First

I would still like to encourage all to submit data to the Sticky threads in the California Forums first for review, evaluation, verification, and/or discussion. This will make sure the data is accurate before you submit the data to the RR Database.

There is a thread that discusses the issue of "good" data being overwritten by submitted "bad" data. Hopefully, we can avoid this here in the California Forum by using the above described method of first submitting data to the Sticky threads:

ICIS Trunked System - Posts your new findings here!
We Need Updated and New Database Information for California

So far, the this system seems to be working and helping us to keep the information current and accurate. Thank you for your continued help and cooperation.
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