Impact of budget on CFD Apparatus

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Jul 9, 2008
Hey all. Calgary City council is once again talking about the budget and taking money away from CFD - this time its to the tune of $5.8 Million. Obviously times are tough for everyone and every city unit budget team, but the city is asking for feedback about taking money away from CFD and what that would mean for response times etc.. Here's a link - SAVE Citizen Engagement :: Service Plans & Budgets 2019 - 2022

I think we all know that the city is pretty thin on its Aerial's and Rescue's - I don't think CFD has been able to grow/put new company's in service since the early 2000's? (with the exception of new Engine companies/stations in out lying areas) Just replace items and tools. With this $5.8 Million loss we will likely be seeing more Engine companies out of service for the shift/day, more gaps in service response during peak times, no new growth within CFD (no new stations in outlying areas, no new firefighters (just filling current positions where needed), potential push back on new trucks - Tenders, Aerial platforms, etc..) And unfortunately more injury, loss of life/property and bigger fire events.

Just thought I'd post this here because I wasn't even aware of this public engagement until yesterday. CFD does amazing work and they help a lot of people out every single day and I know how much we'd all hate to see Calgary Fire backtrack more and more then they already have and not be able to grow and move forward.
Not open for further replies.