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Aug 2, 2004
South Jordan, Utah
We have started an Incident Paging notification list and anybody who is interested is encouraged to join.

The list has the ability to send you a TXT message when a new alert is sent out. In addition there is also a published RSS(XML) feed for your viewing enjoyment.

General viewing:

To subscribe to the feed and get TXT messages you must have a Twitter account (there is no charge).
1) Goto
2) click the "GET Started-JOIN" button.

Once your account has be setup you will want to "watch" the "UtahAlerts" feed:
1) Log into your Twitter account
2) In the search box at the top of the screen type 'UtahAlerts' and press search
3) Click the "Follow" button
4) You should now be following the UtahAlerts and start to see them on your main page

To setup TXT alerts for your phone
1) Go to "Settings"
2) Click on "Devices"
3) Fill out the form and follow the directions to activate your phone.
4) Once your device is activated log back into twitter
5) Go to and make sure "Device Updates" is set to 'on'

RSS(XML) feed that is available to everybody
For more information about RSS see:

If you are interested in sending alerts to this list, please notify "Utah_Viper" and he can provide you with instructions.
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Jun 21, 2005
North Muskegon, MI
Where does the information posted to Twitter come from?
The same way the breaking updates come onto this site..... from US. A few big advantages with this is that you can set up twitter to e-mail, or even text message a alert to you. Anyone can easily join to receive the alerts without needing approval.

As to sending alerts you would have to get the e-mail address from me. The more people we have monitoring, the more alerts we can get sent out. I even have it set up that I can e-mail a alert from my phone, so I can be mobile, on a scene, or away from my PC and still provide updates.

I would definitely like to get some more "dispatchers" throughout the Wasatch front and all of Utah. We also *may* use the service to provide some other radio related updates.

Thank you Brett for the very though walk through on setting up a twitter account. If anyone has questions, or would like to be a dispatcher please PM me for details.
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