Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Dec 18, 2002
Indianapolis, IN
At the Speedway, IMPD, SPD, IFEMS, All use the IDPS S-1 on the S1-Tacs, with some ops on the IMPD NW, and SPD TGs. ISP is SAFE-T P25, D-52 TGs, and some interop on IDPS S1-Tacs. I have an hunch that private users are on one of the SMRs... Possibly the ERS TRS, guaranteed with IU Health LifeLine ops. CARE Ambulance uses its DMR system. I have a feeling SEALS has either migrated to ERS, or has switched over to the NXDN side of the JES and Sons system as I have not heard them on the LTR side in a week now. I will keep watching the ERS for new users, as they pop up pretty regularly now.

All the old SAFE-T Motorola info is now obsolete as that system has fully upgraded to P25 Phase I!

For the SAFE-T, use either the D-52 Post, or IGC-North sites as both have coverage in that area.

For the flyover, KIND Approach/Departure and Tower, and IMS Tower freqs!
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