indoor scanner antenna improvement

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Jul 9, 2011
My new Uniden BCT 8 gets fewer calls than my wife's ancient Uniden 16 channel scanner in the same room. I've tried different locations for my scanner, with no joy. I do have these on my desk: wireless router, dsl modem, laser printer, external networked hard drive.
I don't want to spend the money installing and grounding an outdoor antenna.
I monitor police and fire, but haven't messed with trunking yet. Any suggestion?

This post on another thread intrigued me. Anyone doing something similar? Got Pictures to share?:
Take a cheapo set of TV rabbit ears and rip them apart. Using regular RG6 coax connect the center conductor to the upper arm and the shield the the lower, and secure this to wood in the best way you can. Extend each arm to be 18" long and make sure they are mounted vertically.

Should you choose, you can modify the tuning by lengthening or shortening the whips for different frequencies.

I use this antenna as a half wave dipole for milair, but it acts as a 1/4 wave dipole for VHF and does outstanding on civilian air, which you seem to need. Even UHF comes in very well. I've been super impressed and tried every type of antenna indoor and outdoor over the years. This simple antenna does very very well.
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