Industry Canada 60m (5MHz) allocation decision

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Jan 18, 2014
Ontario, Canada

I'm happy to read of more frequencies being allowed to amateurs, but section 4.3, concluding with Paragraph 21 confuses me:

21. However, evaluating the impact of allowing radiated versus transmit powers on the compatibility between stations in the amateur service and other services would require making assumptions on the gain and performance of possible non-commercial antenna systems in this band. An additional margin of safety would need to be introduced and this margin would result in less power being available to radio amateurs. For this reason, Industry Canada believes that it is preferable to allow for the power and antenna performance to be adapted to individual circumstances. Therefore, Industry Canada will specify limits in terms of maximum effective radiated power.

Following the line of reasoning from Paragraph 19 onward, it seems to me that the last sentence of Paragraph 21 should read "Therefore, Industry Canada will specify limits in terms of transmitter output power."

I guess I'm wrong, but I don't see how the line of reasoning in Paragraphs 19 to 21 would logically conclude with a restriction on maximum effective radiated power. Paragraph 21 alone is self-contradictory, in my view.
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