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Dec 16, 2000
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Sorry this came after the event but four 12 hour shifts for the event didn't give much time. I found the following freqs which mostly are related to Infineon Staff but I'll include the rest. GRE's Signal Stalker worked well, much better than Close Call for this particular search session.

"S" means I verified Simplex transmissions

_____Infineon Raceway Radio Ops_____
463.9000 D223 Safety/First Aid (Busiest Safety chan)
464.8625 D251 Parking Lots
467.8000 D464
451.2875 D516 Shuttles/Carts
462.2125 D025 S
463.7875 D612 Security/Gen Ops CH7
464.6625 D606 Maint CH7
464.7500 D074 Phantom Security CH6
461.9625 D311 Safety CH5
464.9375 D411 S
462.3875 D025 ODV Ops
463.2375 D134 Safety/Race Control
464.8875 D445 Patched to CLEMARS
451.6375 D054 Shuttle Control/Carts
464.2375 D114 Medical Center/Rescue Units
460.8625 D723
461.1375 D114 Lot Towing CH1?
451.3250 D346 CH3
467.4125 D606 S Clean-up/Waste Mngmnt
462.0875 D413 Admin?
451.2250 D346 Track towing

_____Vendors or Infineon?_____
462.3500 71.9?
451.5750 D251
464.4375 D612
457.7375 D155
464.6000 D631
465.0250 D606
467.9000 D431
467.9250 D023
463.7750 D346
464.7000 D343

457.5250 71.9 TV/Media
464.6250 103.5 Vendor
457.6000 67.0 Crown Royal?

_____Race Related_____
461.2000 CSQ S (NASCAR officials?)
461.2000 D432
452.7000 D261 S Headset Audio
461.4750 210.7 S Inspection?
451.8500 D465 S Headset Audio
466.5000 D047 S Headset Audio
462.5625 233.6 S Headset Audio
468.8500 D245 S Headset Audio
466.9500 D351 S Headset Audio
466.7875 250.3 S Headset Audio
464.8250 D072 S Headset Audio
464.6000 D631 S Headset Audio
463.2875 D516 S Headset Audio
460.1625 D263 S Headset Audio
456.8500 D411 S Headset Audio
452.2375 127.3 S Headset Audio
462.4500 D703 S Headset Audio
461.3250 D432 S Headset Audio
462.2500 179.9 S Headset Audio
461.1250 D114 S Headset Audio
461.2250 D043 S Headset Audio
467.0625 225.7 S Headset Audio
457.5500 71.9 S ?

_____Miscellaneous non-NASCAR car audio_____
469.3625 World Challenge Touring
467.9250 D023 SCCA
467.9000 D114 SCCA

_____Public Safety Ops for the Event_____
154.4450 146.2 FD Ops
453.4000 103.5 Sonoma SO
460.2750 127.3 Sonoma SO Ops for Event CH9
412.8375 67.0 Travis AFB Security Teams
162.7375 110.9 Patched FBI channel

This is the channel lineup for the radios Infineon was issuing. I didn't get it until after the event was over. Zone 1 was what was generally used. I'm unsure if some or all radios had both zones.

Zone 1: General Staff Operations
Zone 2: Safety and Security Ops ("Response Channels")

CH    Z1                Z2
1     Ops               Ops
2     Parking           Parking
3     Safety            Safety
4     EMS               EMS
5     Talk              Safety Talk
6     Security          Security
7     Maintenance       Security 2
8     Ticketing         Maintenance
9     Ushers            Ticketing
10    Shuttles          Shuttles
11    Services          Catering
12    Press             Concession
13    Marketing         Suites
14    IR Hospitality    Souvenirs
15    Levy Concession   Golf Cart & Radios
16    Levy Catering     Children Charity

Yes, some channels are duplicated. "Levy" was a contractor for the event.

This was my first NASCAR race and I have to say I was disappointed; the race was decent but I didn't go for it. The guys that travel with our NASCOWs said Infineon is their least favorite place (putting it mildly and making it "all-ages appropriate"). After hours there was nothing going on. Security was very anal (The speed limit is 5mph NOT 7, I don't want to be pulling you out of that ditch (I'm serious)). 50 acres was probably the only place where people did not go to bed after 11pm! Even before the race finished people were leaving. It was overall pathetic. Sorry NASCAR fans. If you're in Cali and want to go to a NASCAR race, drive down to Fontana next time.

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