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Info for SOME CB radio owners...

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Oct 22, 2005
I am removing this post - If anyone wishes to discuss this Cobra 29 squelch fix in Private Messaging, where it should have stayed in the first place, contact me there. For some persons, there may be some warranty or radio type acceptance issues if this 'fix' is done at all or incorrectly.
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Apr 29, 2005
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RevGary said:
The NEGATIVE side of the new electrolytic MUST go to the ground land circuit foil where the .0039 was removed from... observe proper polarity. The foil lands in that area are not too wide, so MINIMAL heat should be applied so as to not detach the foil land from the board.
I don't have one, so I can't say, but it might be a better idea to solder the new capacitor to the leads of the old one if the lands are that small. Maybe only a 4.7 ufd if the old one is being left in.


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Mar 22, 2005
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Hi Gary and readers,

Increasing the value of the capacitor lengthens the discharge time and so holds the squelch open longer but what about the charge side of things? Will this delay the squelch opening significantly? Usually the AGC/squelch time constant calls for a fast rise and slow decay on an SSB signal and fast rise and fast decay on AM. Squelch tails on CB could prove interesting. (;->)

BTW, 39pF seems more like an RF bypass than anything to do with audio let alone a DC control voltage. I wonder if that's the right capacitor in the right part of the detector circuit or somebody is looking at the wrong end of a resistor.
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