Interesting reception for Ground Hogs Day

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Nov 10, 2009
If you do a internet search. You will find out which frequency's the Punxsutawney Radio Club is going to be transmitting on for Ground Hog's Day. They will be sending out a very nice QSL card for anyone that responds to their broadcast.

Punxsutawney Spirit - Ham radio operators seek to broadcast coming of Punxsy Phil

With permission from the Punxsy Amateur Radio Club

PUNXSUTAWNEY — Being able to speak with people long distances by satellite or cell phone is not unusual for most people today, but before this new technology was available, there was amateur radio, and there is a group of people who still communicate today as amateur or ham radio operators.
The Punxsutawney Area Amateur Radio Club will once again will hold its Groundhog Day Special Event Station from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at its headquarters at the Punxsutawney Municipal Airport in Bell Township.

Jim Byrne, vice-president of the Punxsutawney Area Amateur Radio Club (call sign (KA3WSX), explained that amateur radio operators are able to speak to other operators around the world with just a transmitter radio and antennae.
Doug Hunter explained that the club’s Groundhog Day special event station receives a lot of attention around the world from ham operators who want to participate. The trade magazine QST also helps spread the word.
“All the hams see that and contact us, and then we send out a certificate stating that they had contacted station K3HWJ in Punxsutawney for our Groundhog Day Special Event,” he said.

Byrne said to begin the event, an operator will get on the radio and call out to other ham operators, and then those who hear him will respond.

“They tells us how good our signal is, and we give them a number for each band that we’re on,” he said. “Then when the ham operator who contacted us sends a contact card in a self-addressed stamped envelope, we’ll send them a certificate with their contact number and the band that we were on, a signal report and the name of the operator of the radio at the time of the contact.”

Hollopeter added that the club hopes to acknowledge as many transmissions as possible during the event.
Hunter explained the club runs two frequencies during the event, 20 meter and 40 meter.
“This year, we’re going to try to add another frequency and see what kind of response we receive from that,” Hunter said.


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This isn't a broadcaster, but thanks anyway - I'll move it to the appropriate forum. It's an interesting item nonetheless.

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