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Jan 2, 2006
Hungry Horse and Missoula, Montana.
As a suggestion, not a criticism, may I point out RR has changed the name of several sites utilizing the names of a geographical landmark which would be unknown to someone not familiar with the area. For the sake of uniformity, and provide for easier recognition for individuals passing through our state, may I suggest using the name of the closest community or distinct road map location as listed on the FCC site license.

Most people traveling through Montana utilize a road map which may or may not have geographical locations listed. Road maps generally have even the smallest community listed.

For instance:
Blacktail should be Lakeside
Clearwater should be Clearwater Jct
Garrison should be Garrison Jct
Nob Hill should be Helena
Belmont should be Marysville
Sunset should be Wolf Creek
Hogback should be Canyon Ferry
Big Mountain should be Whitefish

May I suggest: Fort Harrison should be McDonald Pass (Both are on the map, but Ft Harrison is 20 road miles from the McDonald Pass site and license lists same GPS).

I have searched the RR site and checked info against recent FCC filings and noted several bits of information are either duplicated, outdated or missing in the Montana database. I'll take some time to research and submit current licenses.

CAUTION: frequencies listed within the sites generally match, although there are a few exceptions, probably due to modification of licenses that I haven’t checked yet.

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