Invesco Field Unknown Trunked System??

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Jun 29, 2013
So, I happened to be in downtown Denver earlier today and stopped by Invesco field to see what could be heard with my 396XT. I was scanning all the frequencies owned by Argus and Stadium Management Company (the entity who runs Invesco Field). None of the argus frequencies seemed to be active. One frequency owned by stadium management was being used in conventional mode, namely 463.6875 with 506 DPL.

However, every other frequency owned by stadium management (ULS License - Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional License - WQOX954 - STADIUM MANAGEMENT COMPANY LLC) seemed to be tied to a trunked system which is not scannable with a standalone scanner. While scanning these frequencies in conventional mode I got very strong signals with constant activity (constant buzzing from some type of data/cc channel), but I heard zero voice grants. After a while I programmed all the frequencies as 10 separate custom searches in CC-only mode (I rotated a few frequencies to get them all). I scanned all the the frequencies in CC-only mode for some time and got no voice grants. Several frequencies did register as a "LTR" system type and sometimes I would see a LTR-type TG appear in the form of "01-xx-xxx" (i.e. area 1), but I never heard any voice grants. Does this suggest they are using LTR Multi-Net or LTR Passport?
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