iphone scanner

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Jun 7, 2007
Mocksville, Davie County, NC
I myself use 5-0 Radio Pro because it has HD Radio stations as well as police/fire/ems feeds. it does not scan. One other thing to realize before you utilize ANY streaming app; most of the public safety feeds are put up by hobbyists like us. A variety of things can make the feeds not work; usually, someone is on vacation and has turned their equipment/off or perhaps they took it down for maintenance, or perhaps they got tired of the added expense. Just know that while you will probably find interesting stuff to listen to, you MAY not find traffic from your nearby location EVEN if it's listed as an area covered. My home state has several feeds, but a few of them are regularly not online. Given that limitation, I find it very interesting on weekends (yes, I DO have a life/live in girlfriend) to listen to feeds from places too far away to actually be able to monitor off the air.
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