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iPod (Positive Comments)

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Sep 25, 2004
South Arkansas

I have been researching MP3 Players for about 2 weeks now. Reading reviews and such. I looked at several different MP3 players and decided the iPod video was the one for me. A lot of people seem to have trouble out of the iPod video (reading the iLounge forums). However, I bit the bullet and got a Black iPod Video 60 GB. Didn't really need the space at this point but wanted the longer battery life and the opportunity to expand my library in the future.

Now mind you, I have only had the iPod for about 3 days and haven't had time to find many dislikes. So far so good. I haven't put the battery through a real test as I use it for a while, then put it up, use it for a while, etc. I have not let the battery run completely down to shut off. I have noticed that videos do drain the battery fairly quickly according to the icon on screen.

I really like the iPod so far. It is a good investment I think. The video quality is suprisingly great! I thought I would have a hard time seeing the videos on the screen, but this is not so. The screen is large enough to see some great detail. I have watched videos, music videos, podcasts, etc and all look great!

The audio through the supplied headphones is awesome! Very good bass response on most songs, good mids and trebles. I am hearing notes and instruments I didn't realize were in songs!

The menu's are very easy to navigate and the iTunes/iPod combo is unmatched! The iPod/iTunes combo is very easy to navigate and use. I have purchased a few songs and downloaded several podcasts and free TV Show episodes that are available from time to time. I am extremely happy with the iPod video. I love it! Knock on wood, I haven't had any problems as of yet. I am sure I will find something I don't like but for now, I like it!

I purchased a Sonic Blue iSkin eVo3 case to protect this beauty and man is it a great case. Totally protects every part of the iPod and the feel of the case is good. Doesn't add a lot of bulk to the iPod but provides the protection I need to the iPod, screen and click wheel. I also bought a FM transmitter to use in the truck. It is a Kinsington Pico or something like that. It works as expected. It isn't the best, but if you position the iPod just right, it works okay.

My wife couldn't understand why I wanted one but she used it once and now wants one of her own for working out, etc. I think I would like to have an iPod Nano to workout with because it is flashdrive. The iPod video is hard drive and the jarring from jogging isn't good for the hard disk inside, or so I have heard. But the reason I purchased it was to pass the time on some long overnight shifts with little activity. I don't regret purchasing it so far and would recommend one to anyone. I do recommend getting a case to protect it, and the white probably wouldn't show the scars and scratches like the black looks like it likely would if it weren't protected properly.

So with all the negativity, I thought I would offer some good comments. This is the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks to Apple for their wonderful creation. And thanks to all of the members here who helped me with my decision!



Aug 9, 2004
Grand Island, NE
or you could get an iaudio x5 with a ton more features for cheaper.

line in recording (good for scanners)
voice recording (also good for scanners if you don't have a cable handy for a direct connection)
fm radio/recorder
flac playback
video playback/picture viewing
superior sound quality. (or so I've heard, I've never done a direct comparison with the ipod so I can't comment. I do know the x5 sounds damn good to me though ;) )
very solid - I don't use a case and I don't have one scratch on it yet. the black paint is great

I have one of these and I would never imagine getting anything else. I got the x5L for the 35 hours of battery life.

I'll say that the videos are piss-poor compared tothe 5G ipods though. If you seriously bought an mp3 player to watch videos, the ipod would be the way to go.

good to see you had a good experience. For me it would still be a huge waste of money though conscidering the cheaper alternatives. Maybe if I actually watched videos more than once every couple months.

and actually, as I was typing this I checked the prices for the 30 gb ipod and the 30gb x5. the difference is only about 30 dollars now. the prices are getting closer together. when I bought mine I think the difference was 50 or 60 bucks.
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