Is it *possibly* a `good' deal?

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Apr 4, 2004
Slightly NE of the People's Republic of Firestone
First a bit of an explanation... For several years now I have been fighting with stray RF problems affecting my Davis Vantage Pro2+ wireless weather station consoles, wireless security cameras, and just recently parts of our `Home Automation' systems RF remote controlers. I've tried using different assorted scanners that have various itterations of `Signal Stalker'/`Close Call'. assorted frequency `counters' w/ assorted `amps', ETC. without really much results. About the only thing I haven't been able to get my `hands on' has been a `Spectrum Analyzer'. (With or Without an `operator'.)

I recently ran across this...

Tenma 1GHz Spectrum Analyzer | GSP-810 (GSP810) | Tenma

And... While it says that it is only a 150KHz--1GHz Spectrum Analyzer I think it possibly might be useful as the frequencies I am the most concerned with are in the 900MHz range and lower. I can get one brand spanking new for $1,500.00 including S&H. (After I, possibly locate whatever it is I am having problems with, it won't end up just sitting on a shelf gathering dust as I already have some possible `other uses' for it or I can sell it and not end up `eating it' price wise. *Especially* compared to what the very few quotes I managed to get for having someone come out here and try to do what I'm hoping to do!)

Oh, yeah, BTW, I have dealt with MCM for around 30+ years parts, hardware, tools, *and* test equipment-wise and haven't been `burnt'. They, like most companies in this business, *do* have some *cheap* stuff but, one can fairly easily sort it out and then make the decision as whether or not to buy. I've got equipment and assorted tools I purchased from them that are almost as old as the time I've been doing business with them.
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