Is there a trunk-recorder type program for DMR? Mass scanning all the local DMR


Jul 22, 2018
I am trying to mass scan all the various DMR networks in my area. I however want to take the same approach as trunk-recorder does with P25/smart-zone networks and have many virtual slices on as few sdr's as possible. I do not need to listen to it live , I more just want to be able to go back and try to ID new talk-groups that are not on the radio reference DB yet etc.

I just am wondering if someone is doing something similar already. I was planning to get some of the "cheap" msi based clones from aliexpress and I should be able to cover the bandwidth chunks I need with 2-3 of them. I have seen some sdr software before that has multiple VFO options however I am blanking on the name (currently use sdrpp). right now my thought is to use some software with the multiple VFO -> each go to its own DSD+ or DSD-fme (I am open to windows or linux solutions) instance -> that instance dumps decoded DMR files into the corresponding network folder.