Is there a way to tune on a BCT15X?

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Jul 11, 2009
Marion County, Iowa
I was wondering does the Uniden BCT15X have the ability to tune? Tune may be a Radio Shack term. On my old RS Pro 82 handheld scanner there is a tune button that you can hit when the scanner lands on a freq. and adjust the freq so you can try to tune in the correct freq.

For example...On the RS Pro82 you're scanning along either in programmed channels or in search function and it stops on a freq but it's static or slightly garbled. so you can hit the "TUNE" button which allows you to step up or down the freq till you find the right one that's the clearest.

Can you do this on the BCT15X? I've tried looking in the easier to read manual but didn't see anything about being able to do this. Maybe I'm over looking something.

Thanks for your help and time.
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