iSCAN 107 Scanner Info

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Jan 10, 2007
Snohomish, WA
Hi All, I got lucky and picked up a 107 last week at the Shack. I have been playing with it next to my other Pro 97 just for comparisons.I have stumbled onto something that hopefully will help others if they have one also. With both radios scanning at the same time both seem to pick up just about the same conversations at apx. the same time. Great. But while scanning last night when I hit on a conversation on the 107 that didn't interest me I would press the skip button at the top edge of the center dial and go on to the next conversation that was picked up. I did this a few times just playing with it and after a few minutes the scanner just sort of quite picking up any conversations anymore. I was Flustrated as the pro 97 just kept on picking up lots of talk as usual. What gives I thought. Well after scrolling around this morning in the front menus of the 107 I hit a menu that asked me if I wanted to unlock the previousy locked out channels ( there were 21 of them ) go figure, I didn't think I had locked out any conversations. I'm not sure, but it seems like everytine I hit the skip button I must of locked out that freq or channel and eventually most of the active channels got locked out. ( Hence no more talk was getting picked up). After seeing this message on the screen I unlocked the 21 channels (the ones I didn't mean to lockout in the first place) and now I am back to normal. Both are getting all the talk again. ?????? I'm kind of afraid to push the skip button now ( I thought all it did was skip the current conversation ) cause I dont want to lock out any of the active talk. Maybe someone else has an answer to this I hope so. The manual says the skip button is for just what I thought is was for, skipping the current conversation. So I don't know what to do except don't hit the skip button again. Oh well If anyone else has run into this I'd be nice to hear . Thanks and Merry Christmas to you all @ RR....,.,..,.,.............
PS I really do like this little guy though.
Not open for further replies.