iscan Pro 107 Sheboygan County

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Dec 27, 2002
Kohler, WI
Just picked up my new iscan Pro-107 yesterday from the Deertrace Radio Hut ,,,,,,,On sale for $179.00. My pro 95 key pad circuit board finally failed, so I went and picked up the pro-164 and realized after getting it home that my Win 95 and my programming cable will not work with the new Pro -164. You can clone from the unit to a Win 97 program w/ the cable but that was it,,,,So I took it right back and got the iscan Pro - 107,,comes with 2 gb sandisk preloaded with freqs, programing software and the USB charging cable. It really has turned out to be a neat little scanner, nice features , software is different than the Don Starr products but very user friendly,,,,,,works well in my area. Its smaller than the pro -95 frame so it fits very nicely in pockets, cup holders etc. seeing how there isn't a belt clip.....also the control pad on the front works well with my big fingers, unlike the pro 95. I would recommend this scanner, it seems that they are trying to start a new industry standard with this model.Can't beat the price with all the accessories that comes with it,,,,,
Not open for further replies.