Isle Of Man Pockets Motorola’s Covert TETRA Terminals

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Dec 23, 2001
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Motorola to supply Isle of Man Department of Home Affairs with covert TETRA radios

DOUGLAS, Isle of Man – 5th March 2008 – Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) has been chosen by the Isle of Man Government Department of Home Affairs to supply a fleet of covert TETRA terminals. Motorola will supply the covert devices in mid 2008, which will be used by the Isle of Man Constabulary and Customs & Excise.

Motorola worked closely with a number of public safety users including the Isle of Man Department of Home Affairs, Isle of Man Constabulary and Isle of Man Customs & Excise during the design process to ensure it delivered a covert TETRA radio that met the special needs of the users. The new TCR1000 TETRA Covert Radio will help improve operational effectiveness as the small ergonomic design means officers do not feel as though they are wearing a radio, helping them to disguise their equipment during covert operations.

“At last we have a covert radio that is fit for purpose,” says Robert Williamson, technical director, Isle of Man Department of Home Affairs. “TETRA is a very appropriate communications technology for policing activity, but until now we have not had a suitable form factor for covert operations. Motorola’s innovative TETRA radio design will be of real benefit in everyday covert activities. Our users are delighted with the new covert set.”

The small, lightweight design of the TCR1000 Covert TETRA terminal incorporates many innovative features to address the unique requirements of covert users such as discrete audio, radio control and battery lifetime. Despite the compact design, the Motorola covert TETRA radio performs to the same high standards as more mainstream Motorola TETRA terminals and offers excellent functionality including options for integrated GPS and end to end encryption.

Manuel Torres, vice president and general manager, Motorola Government & Public Safety, EMEA added: “Our close collaboration with the Isle of Man authorities has been a vital element in producing such a compact, powerful and well-suited covert radio. Those that’ll actually be using the radios have been very enthusiastic about the radio during the extensive and robust evaluation process, and we’re rightly proud of having developed such a well-received product.”
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