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ISSUES ? XG-100P Buzz & Charger PTT Reset

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Dec 26, 2011
Elgin, Illinois
Hi all, have 2 quick questions hoping some of the XG guru's might have the answer to. I'm contracting for some SLG & federal groups. Recently, a new (old stock) XG100 came across my desk to program their RPM personalities onto and I found 2 things that have me concerned:

1. Even with no personalities (default Fill) when the radio is ON if I put my ear right up to the speaker, I hear a very low buzz/clicking. It sounds like maybe 50-60hz?? It's not interference, since when I run the diagnostics, the buzz stops during self-test then resumes after the 3 tone completion. I tried turning off the screen, bluetooth, GPS, etc. (but buzz continues). Curious if any others on the forum have seen this or could put their XG-100 to their ear in a quiet place and see if anything is heard.

2. I was removing the XG from the charger after programming, and accidentally (very briefly) keyed the PTT while the radio was still in the charger. The XG immediately turned off (almost like it shorted the battery, or was trying to use the charger as the battery to xmit ...but didn't have enough juice). I had to to pull the battery and the radio came back to life and self tested fine, with xmit & rcv seems to be working perfectly. Has anyone else experienced this? Just want to ensure that no damage could've been caused to the circuitry before it heads to the field.

Thank in advance for any help/feedback!

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