Jackson MS had an apt bld fire April 16 2021


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Apr 19, 2005
Jackson MS had apt bld fire April 16 2021

seems to be a massive 911 failure that could happen anywhere

2 fires at once - dispatchers completely missed the 2nd fire - apparently they assumed all the calls were for the first fire

(I am guessing about all of this based on the Broadcastify tapes)

keywords - simultaneous 911 calls - duplicate 911 calls - redundant 911 calls - subsequent 911 calls


just found this article

911 operator shortage leaves Jackson residents calling again and again for help - starting pay is less than $12 per hour for Jackson MS 911 operators
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Sep 18, 2018
Are you really that surprised? The financial incompetence of Jackson’s leadership not withstanding, being unemployed currently pays out just over $14 an hour, and there are several retailers in the area that start at $15. The leadership of Jackson is probably the most incompetent, corrupt, and ineffective governing body of any city I’ve seen. They can barely keep the water running, can’t control the crime, can’t get the water bills correct, and can’t even hammer out a contract to run a zoo. Chokwe, Stokes, and the rest of them are too busy looking out for their own interests to worry about what’s bothering the little people, whether it be murders or fire. A 1% sales tax hike was passed in 2014 to help address the crumbling infrastructure, it was supposed to generate up to $15M a year. Where’s that money gone? Point is Jackson elected itself into this position and it isn’t going to get fixed anytime soon.