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James City County Police Traffic Enforcement

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Sep 3, 2004
Williamsburg, VA
James City County Police have started using a new state law that allows an officer to stop and ticket a red light violator based on a radio transmission from another officer that observed the violation. The law is 46.2-833 and was enacted on 01JUL06. It states "The driver of any motor vehicle may be detained or arrested for a violation of this section if the detaining law-enforcement officer is in uniform, displays his badge of authority, and (i) has observed the violation or (ii) has received a radio message by radio or other wireless telecommunication device from another law-enforcement officer who observed the violation. In the case of a person being detained or arrested based on a radio message, the message shall be sent immediately after the violation is observed, and the observing officer shall furnish the license number or other positive identification of the vehicle to the detaining officer. " They are working the most dangerous intersections in the county. The talk group is "1102". From listening to them this morning, they are very effective. I have previously witnessed several serious accidents at these intersections that were caused by drivers running red lights that had been red in excess of five seconds. Many of these violators are large trucks driving in excess of the posted speed limit (55 mph). Congratulations to James City County Police for a job well done.
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