Jefferon County Storm Damage

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Jul 26, 2005
Charles Town, Jefferson Co, WV
A Storm passed through Jefferson County around 1500hrs, local time. Numerous trees down, power lines down, and homes struck by trees and lightning. Some roads blocked. A tornado warning was issued and since rescinded. At time of this post, Applacian Power has a long backlog of jobs. There have been several MVAs, as well as some EMS calls for trouble breathing, etc, and calls still being dispatched for house fires including Mutual Aid to Washington County. There also reports of trees across CSX tracks. Jefferson Headquarters cannot reach the power company and has to revert to e-mailing incidents to them. CSX has just issued orders on at least one of their trains (DO NOT MOVE YOUR TRAIN!) There have, of course, been reports of telephone lines down. Norfolk Southern has just issued an order to a train to not proceed past a certain milepost because of tree blockage.
1447hrs-Jefferson Headquarters just advised all units to resume traffic on channel one, and that ALL units are to remain on patrol until further notice.
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