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JingTong JT-208 battery replacement

Dec 10, 2018
North Wales
I can find them USA but not UK, prised open case and although pack says NiCad inside cells say NiMh AAA. So hunted for tagged battery on internet and it seems one can get them as a 6 pack 7.2 volt designed for models, however price varies a lot from 99p a cell to £26 a pack which exceeds price of whole radio. However some replacements are 2000 mAh rather than original 600 mAh but never really had a problem with battery life.

So £10 to get radio working again seems reasonable, but very tight fit, so before spending out, has anyone else replaced them, are they really AAA or are AAA cells too big?

Also charger does not auto switch off, it is the old idea 16 hours charge only, still not sure if worth replacing batteries of just buy another cheap hand held?