Jones Beach Airshow Live Feed Returns to

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Mar 2, 2004
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For the 6th year running, you will be able to listen on-line to the Jones Beach Air Show on The audio is running on the "Special" feed.

The live feed is online now - so that you may hear the all of the performers come into Republic Airport (Farmingdale, NY). There are also practice flights and media tours this week as well. All of those will be on the live feed too!

The frequency list for the 2011 Jones Beach Air Show has been posted. Please visit for the full list. If you see a frequency or performer who isn't listed, please forward me the info.

To keep up to date on any changes, please visit the forum thread.

FYI - You will need a free account to listen to the audio. The feed will remain online until 5/31/11.

ALSO - don't forget to try out my Web Controlled Radio, a PCR-1000 that you can control via your windows pc.


Not open for further replies.