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July 4 Monitoring on The National Mall

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Aug 7, 2001
Fredericksburg, VA
The following are freqs/talkgroups monitored on The Mall on July 4 from about 5-10 PM:

164.6250 [ d023] Capitol Police channel?
164.6250 [ d074] "parking"; Capitol Police channel?
173.0000 [ ] frequency counter hit at L'Enfant Plaza; P25
407.8250 [103.5] "annex"
415.2500 [ d023] "officer"
461.0125 [ d174] Stage Lighting
462.3750 [ 88.5] Red Cross
463.7125 [ d054] Seating
464.5000 [ 94.8]
464.5500 [ d261] Food--Guest Services? (concessions on Mall)
464.6250 [127.3] Capitol Fourth Operations; Repeater
464.6250 [210.7] Smithsonian Folklife Festival Operations?; Repeater
464.7000 [ d411]
464.7250 [192.8] Repeater
469.5500 [156.7] Audio/Visual
469.6250 [ d331]

DC Trunked System Talkgroups:
2080 DC Fire Inspectors (fireworks safety)
2096 DC Fire Special Events 1
2112 DC Fire Special Events 2
2128 DC Fire Special Events 3
2192 DC Fire Administration 2?
9936 Department of Transportation (formerly on 34576)
16656 MPD Special Operations Division (street closures)
33680 Emergency Management Agency?
33904 Emergency Management Agency?; Traffic Management Center monitored
34448 Department of Health

Metro Trunked System Talkgroup:
50224 Transit Police Tac 7

Park Police used 166.7250 [127.3] Special Events (Channel 1). Capitol Police primarily used 170.1750 [156.7] (Channel 3) for the event.

If anyone can identify some of the unknowns or has comments, please send them along. Thanks.

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