Just Moved To Wilmington...

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Dec 28, 2005
Ocala, Florida
I recently just moved to Wilmington from New Jersey and currently I am using a Uniden BR 330T that I got myself for Christmas. I have been monitoring Wilmington-New Hanover County Public Safety System. What else can or should I be monitoring?? I realize that the State Police is digital/analog but would I be able to get anything with my BR330T? From where I am I wasn't getting any signal from the control channel. Just so I don't come off like some kid with a new toy...let it be known I'm 32 and have been scanning for over 10 years maybe even more...My collection consists of: BR 330T , PRO-92, Uniden 780XLT,PRO 2067, and of course the vintage PRO 43... Not much of a collection I realize but like many of us I have other hobbies... Since discovering this site I find myself going to it everyday and thought I would try to get some feedback on what else I can be listening to. I was going to buy the BR396T instead of BR330T but where I lived in Jersey there was no need as not much was digital.. I'm very happy with BR330T but am definately considering the BR396T or BCD996T. Thank you in advance for anyone who gives some feedback...
Not open for further replies.