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Mar 30, 2002
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Just my notes for possible add -ons or changes for future scanners.

Audio: probably most complaints is the audio. Side by side my PRO-97 had better audio on milair than my BC780XLT or newer scanners.

Idea 1: a post squelch tone when the the transmission is over. Put a on/off in the settings menu and use the alert tone 5.

Idea 2: Go back to the graphic screen used in the BCD396XT the newer display in the BCD325P2 is harder to read and return to different colors for the display.

Idea 3: detachable battery pack. so we can have the ability to just change the pack instead of each battery. Down the line you could introduce a rechargeable battery pack that could be used with other models or even as a add-on to older handhelds

Idea 4: Different color shells to the Handhelds. A frosted clear one would really set the unit apart from others. Maybe high visibility orange or even yellow, green, blue, red or white as special offers. Buy the different colored shells off the website.
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