Just need to program simple frequencies

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Oct 23, 2011
Brentwood, TN
Two years ago I bought a Uniden 396XT and somehow managed to get three systems programmed. I think I had a 6-month subscription to something that would automatically program the scanner. Due to being unable to figure out much more about the scanner at the time I gave up trying to understand more.

Now two years later I got it back out and am trying to learn more. Specifically, with a Blue Angels airshow coming up in two weeks I would like to program in their frequencies (which I have a copy of). These aren't trunked frequencies or anything complicated. But I can't find anything in any of the online manuals about how to program simple frequencies.

I have the ARC-XT software. (I also downloaded the FreeScan software, but it won't connect to my scanner while the ARC-XT will connect.)

In ARC-XT I did the Download from Scanner to read the current frequencies in the scanner. I thought that would copy the programming into the program grid, but nothing appears in the channel editor columns. The PDF manual discusses reading data from scanner, then it directly goes to talking about viewing the data in the columns. But the columns are blank; it doesn't say how to copy/transfer the downloaded data into the channel editing columns.

For the airshow frequencies, I tried clicking the button to add a new system, but all of the options are overwhelming as to what they mean. All these keys and tags and groups that are supposed to be set ... I have no idea. There should be a simple way to enter a few frequencies. I guess I'll keep reading to try to understand this. I don't want to enter a key number that's going to overwrite an existing key in the scanner. If it would display what's already programmed in the scanner then maybe something would make sense.

Battery issue:
I plugged in the charger cable overnight. But today the battery ran down after just one hour. Is one hour the expected amount of time that a 396XT should run without needing recharging?

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