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Mar 24, 2006
how far a way can a scanner can pick up a transmission my pro-83 barley picks up anything outside the bronx it struggles with manhattan and forget about brooklyn queens and nothing with yonkers wich is like literally 5 minutes from where i live.

my pro-94 picks up everything in the city fine and yonkers but nothing outside the area including 60 control

my 2052 is basically the same as my 94.

i bouth this antenna to stick outside myu apartment window is it anygood http://www.scannermaster.com/PhotoGallery.asp?ProductCode=15-540721

what can i do to get better reception can i some how pick up like jersey city and bergen county with my 94/2025 and even 60-control.

i serached the wiki for this but couldnt find an answer . i thank who ever replies and i will be making a contribution to this site with my nake paycheck.its a wonderful site and kudos to the admins/mods very usefull.


Apr 29, 2005
Long Island, NY, USA
Put an antenna on your roof. (I know, in the Bronx that's about as likely to happen as free transit fares.) But you can't get milk from a picture of a cow, regardless of how impossible it is to keep a real cow in (I'm guessing) an apartment house.

Brooklyn from the Bronx? It's probably not doable. First you have tons of concrete and steel (that thing to your south called Manhattan) between you and Brooklyn, and that's a pretty good signal absorber. Second, you have all that RF in midtown - take your scanner down to Manhattan and listen. I'd be amazed if you hear much during business hours - we used to find that out 460 MHz stuff was about useless except for a local repeater. (Just about every gypsy cab company is using a cheap, unlicensed base transmitter that's putting out more garbage than the SI landfill.) Add in all the legal signals and you probably have the spot with the highest RF polution in the world just a few miles to your south.

Queens? Maybe, but not anything in the western part. I don't know why you can't get Yonkers PD, but look at a terrain map for the terrain between you and their antenna site. High frequency signals don't go through the ground very well.

Jersey City is around Canal Street - same problem as with Brooklyn - some buildings are probably in the way and all that noise to the south of you chops signals up. Depends on where you are in the Bronx also.

You should have no problem with Queens fire, and maybe even Citywide, and the PD divisions in the Bronx and most of Manhattan North.

(And this should have been asked in the New York forum because I'l sure the people in California have no interest in the Bronx. :) )


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Mar 22, 2005
Point Pleasant Beach, N.J.
Hi Anesti and all,

90% of your problem is right here quoted from the product advertizement itself!

"...your best reception results will come from antennas that don't use through-glass technology but rather continuous wiring such as a mag-mount..."

That should give you some ideas, there has got to be a better way. If you can't get a good base station antenna on the roof and a quality bit of coax down to the receiver you'll have to use your noodle, be inventive. I'm sure you can Frankenstein something together even if it's a discone on the end of a broom handle stuck out the window or clamped to the fire escape. The latter is what I have here because even if I could get on the roof the landlord would have a fit.

Bronx borough is a notorious RF madhouse so no matter what you do you can't expect miracles. CBers and hams have been crying the blues since radio was invented but they manage and so will you one way or another. Even the city itself has it's problems and we civilians are no exception, just do your best, that's the best you can do.

"...I'l sure the people in California have no interest in the Bronx."

I'm sure people in East Tremont have no interest in California either, the Puerto Rican and Jamaican food is much better. (;->)
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