Kaito 1103

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Oct 2, 2011
I am new to shorrtwave, just bought a Kaito 1103 to listen to marine nets, weather etc., but cannot receive anything besides time clicks and FM stations. I have gotten a bunch of net frequencies from various sites and tried a wide range, using SSB button and fine tuning knob, but not receiving zip. I am listening from CA, the East side of the Sierras, does that matter?
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Jul 22, 2002
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There are a couple of things here - as I understand it there is a DX / Local switch on the side of the radio. It sounds like it's sitting in the Local position.

Putting a small (30 foot or so) hunk of wire on that radio - preferably in the jack on the side of the radio using an appropriate plug ought to wake that radio right up. Sigs on the West Coast tend to be weaker than those found on the East simply because most broadcasters don't directly broadcast to the West Coast, so we gotta give it a little help. A small preamplified loop would also be another good choice.

Tuning on HF is not like scanning - certain bands are open only certain times of the day. In general stay above 10 mhz or so during the day, below this at night.

It's always helpful to have somewhat more local help - and the ASWLC (American SW Listener's club) is a good place to start since it's home plate is also in California. Here's the Yahoo group for the club...

ASWLC : American Shortwave Listeners' Club

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